kesh in retail

Would you like to enable your customers to pay by smartphone?

Mobile payment in retail stores with kesh

kesh is a smartphone-based payment system from FinTech Group Bank AG and enables your customers to pay using their mobile phones instead of with cash or cards – anywhere and in seconds.

Our solutions for retail stores

To receive payments with kesh, you only need a smartphone or tablet with Internet access. Alternatively, incoming payments in kesh can also be traced via a monitor with browser access. You get transparent daily closing including all individual bookings conveniently sent to your e-mail address as a PDF document.

kesh is an innovative solution for you and your customers, which processes payments simply, quickly and above all securely. No matter whether you are a business, a swimming pool or even a stadium – with kesh, you shorten the duration of your payment process. Even while the order is being processed, the customer can enter and pay the sum independently in the app. The employees check the receipt of the payment by a looking at the monitor. In this way, the checkout process is simplified and established transaction processes are not interrupted.

Fast. Convenient. Cashless.

You state the payment sum. (Alternatively: QR code with payment sum, recipients and purpose)

The customer scans your QR code with the kesh app and initiates the payment. (Alternatively: Direct selection from the contact list)

You immediately check the receipt of payment on your smartphone, tablet, monitor or your cash register.

Finished! The tiresome handling of unhygienic cash and cards is now a thing of the past.

Become a kesh partner now

  1. Complete the opening form in full, print it out and have it signed by all of the authorised representatives
  2. Enclose a copy of the necessary documents depending on the legal form of your company
  3. Print out the POSTIDENT coupon
  4. Have your identity verified at the nearest post office
  5. You receive your login details by post following receipt of your complete documents