kesh in third-party applications

Are you looking for a provider for your mobile payment solution?

Integrate kesh into your application OR a third-party application

kesh can be easily integrated into third-party applications through a digital interface. Instead of paying with cash or by card or making time-consuming bank transfers, our kesh technology makes it possible to make payments in seconds using a smartphone. Functions such as identification, legitimation and as a payment method in apps or at cash machines are possible.

Thanks to our certified data center in Germany, data is secured in accordance with the highest possible bank security standards – both as a means of payment between individuals, for transactions between merchants and customers, and also in the form of an adaptable system that can be adapted using a simple API for catering to (online) retailers and directly integrated into their existing systems.

You can make payments from private individuals to retailers (C2B) and/or among private individuals (C2C/P2P) an integral part of your own app, your online platform or a completely new idea. kesh can be integrated via corresponding interfaces upon consultation.

Use our kesh digital interface (API) for integration in your payment system or other third-party application. We have already implemented the following functions with partners:

  • Identifying customers
  • Legitimisation
  • Bonus programme pay-outs
  • Integration as a payment method
  • Integration into online banking solutions

    • Transaction display
    • Balance enquiry
    • Activation of the kesh account (approved by TAN)

  • Withdrawal at a cash machine using kesh
  • Crediting and activation of the kesh account at cash machines with EC cards or credit cards

How to integrate kesh into your product:



1. Request trial access

Develop a demo and test it in our test environment. To do this, you need corresponding access to our test systems.



2. Contractual documents

You can even begin development without a signed contract. Contractual agreements need to be made in order to activate you in our kesh production systems. Please contact us about this in good time.



3. Get started with kesh

Once all of the contractual arrangements have been made and a price structure has been agreed, you gain access to the live system.

Do you require a personal consultation?

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Use the kesh API for integration in your payment system

Please note that we are currently only offering kesh in Germany.
The following information is thus only available in German.
Please contact us for any assistance needed.


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