Mobile Payment "Made in Germany"

kesh is the new way to pay

Turn your smartphone into a digital wallet.

Download the app!

Download and install the app for
free on your iOS or Android device.

Send money to friends

Send or request money among friends in real time
or use it to make purchases in store or online

Paying in stores

kesh is the perfect alternative to paying with cash or cards and making time-consuming bank transfers. You can make payments by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone.

Paying among friends

Select recipients or scan the QR code, enter the amount and approve the payment. Send money to other users or request for money – anywhere and in real time.

Paying in online shops

Pay online quickly and conveniently with kesh. You can simply choose to forward your personal details (e.g. address) to the online shop via "kesh direct" - no more tiresome typing!.

Group payment

Simply create groups and invite contacts. This way, you can easily use kesh to save up for the next birthday present or share the bill from lunch with your colleagues.

Secure payment

Your bank account details and transaction history data are processed in our data center located in Germany, in accordane with the highest possible bank securits standards. This is your trusted mobile payment solution truly "Made in Germany".

Everything at a glance

You can always keep an eye on your finances by taking a look at your list of transaction. You can also save your contacts and favourites in the app. 


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